This family orthodontic practice has been part of the North Shore community for over 50 years. We are the longest established specialist practice on Sydney's North Shore.


This family orthodontic practice has been part of the North Shore community for over 50 years and has treated both the children and adults in several generations of many local families. Its tradition of combining excellent orthodontic care and personal attention is therefore well established.

Because best treatment results require good cooperation between the orthodontist and patient, we try to make the treatment as comfortable as possible for the patient and pay particular attention to the personal needs of the patient and their family.

We only treat patients when necessary and begin their orthodontic treatment at an age that is best for the patient. In determining that age we consider the treatment’s final result and stability, its duration and the patient’s comfort during our care.

Although the majority of our patients are children and adolescents, we also treat an increasing number of adults. This diversity keeps us mindful of each patient’s individual needs throughout their treatment and we try to make every visit a relaxed and cheerful one.

We give patients and their parents the opportunity to choose an orthodontist with whom they feel they have the best rapport and who can offer them the appointment times that best suit the family. Most importantly, each patient’s orthodontist personally provides the active orthodontic treatment and gives the patient their full professional attention at every visit.

To maintain clinical excellence, the orthodontists provide treatment with the best scientifically proven techniques and technology available at the time. They therefore evaluate all new developments and incorporate them into the practice when they see them as beneficial. To keep up to date, the orthodontists in the practice participate in continuing specialist orthodontic education. The continuing education is supported by over thirty five years university teaching experience from the partners.

As a result, the orthodontists all have a high level of clinical skill and use modern techniques and appliances to achieve treatment goals. These goals are to provide an excellent and stable result while minimising extractions, to complete the treatment within a predictable time frame and to make treatment as comfortable as possible for the patient.

We have served the families of Roseville, Lindfield, Killara, Gordon, St Ives, Pymble, Turramurra, Wharoonga and the broader North Shore for over 50 years.