The specialist orthodontists at North Shore Orthodontics aren’t only concerned with straightening teeth and fixing bad bites, they are also interested in ensuring that their patient’s entire facial appearance and profile is enhanced as best as possible.  Our specialist doctors are committed to leaving their patients with their most attractive smile upon treatment completion, considering both facial structure and symmetry. Growth and ageing changes that occur over a person’s lifetime are also considered, maximising positive long-term results.  

Apart from holding a general dental degree, our specialist orthodontists at North Shore Orthodontics have completed a master’s or doctorate degree at university requiring an additional 3 years of full- time university training in several specialty areas including facial growth and development. Our highly-skilled orthodontists can correct crooked teeth, gappy teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites and other orthodontic issues, and the results can improve both facial appearance and symmetry.

Facial enhancements are, in many cases, one of the positive side effects of having the teeth and bite realigned. There are also numerous health benefits, as well as increases in a person’s self-esteem and confidence. In some cases, facial profile enhancements and facial balance improvements are part of the treatment objectives.

Our specialist orthodontists at North Shore Orthodontics manage the developing teeth and faces of young children and adolescents, as well as adults. The way each of these different age groups are treated is strongly influenced by predicted underlying facial growth such as the following:  

Pre-adolescent treatment 

Children between the ages of 7-10 should be seen by our specialist orthodontists to assess if early intervention is needed to correct problems such as crossbites or overbites.

Eliminating habits such as thumb sucking is vital at this age, as thumb and finger sucking can push teeth forward and change the shape of the developing jaws. Chronic mouth breathing, and snoring/sleep apnoea can also impact on developing teeth and jaws, as well as the health of the child, and can indicate that the child would benefit from an early orthodontic assessment.

This initial phase is critical in assessing problem areas at an early age and can sometimes reduce the need for further treatment later. Early assessment is important to ensure successful long-term outcomes although most children will not need treatment until they are older.

After an initial assessment, if early treatment is not required, our orthodontists see children annually for a quick check up so they can make sure their orthodontic treatment starts at the best possible time. At North Shore Orthodontics, we do not charge for these short review visits which is great news for families. 

Adolescent treatment

Once teenagers have their full set of adult teeth, treatment options such as braces can be considered to achieve ideal dental alignment and facial balance.

Adolescents who have crooked, protruding, gappy or crowded teeth are good candidates for braces, and our orthodontists at North Shore Orthodontics can provide some changes in the facial profile and balance at the same time as creating a beautiful smile.

The rapid growth and changes that the orthodontists see during this period also gives them the opportunity to influence facial growth and function in other ways.

Adult treatment

With modern advances in technology, there are now a range of treatments available at North Shore Orthodontics for adults requiring orthodontic treatment. These include clear or tooth coloured braces, clear aligners (such as Invisalign), and lingual (inside) braces. 

When it comes to assessing treatment options for yourself or your children, it’s important to get advice from our specialist orthodontists at North Shore Orthodontcs as they dedicate all day, every day to aligning jaws and teeth. With our doctors regularly attending professional development and their teaching commitments at the University of Sydney, patients can be assured they receive the benefits of the latest orthodontic treatments and technologies and that any possible changes in facial appearance will be positive.

First step

Simply call our practice on 9418 1660 to book an orthodontic assessment or go to our Contact Us page and submit a request. We look forward to creating your beautiful, confident, healthy and straight smile.