Braces & Other Services for Pymble & North Shore

Braces generally have three components: brackets; arch wires; and molar bands. As braces are fixed to your teeth, they work full-time to create your new, beautiful smile.

The molar bands are cemented to the back molars which provide the anchorage points. The brackets are attached to the other teeth and a series of high tech arch wires are threaded through the slots in the brackets. Both the brackets and wires are active in aligning the teeth.

There is a considerable array of brackets on the market. The choice of bracket, and its placement, is significant as it is the bracket that acts like handles to guide the 3D direction of tooth movement. This determines the final positioning of your teeth. The brackets can be made of stainless steel, titanium or tooth coloured ceramic crystals.

Braces on one of our patients in Lindfield

The arch wires connect all the brackets together and will be distorted to follow the positioning of your teeth. These shape memory wires apply gentle steady pressure to align your teeth as they try to return to their original form. The shape of the arch wire will determine the shape of your smile and so its choice is important. Teeth can also be moved along the arch wire to close spaces and correct bites.

At North Shore Orthodontics we use only the most advanced and efficient braces and wires available which results in fewer appointments and better still, quicker treatment times with more controlled and predictable alignment.

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