The aim of your first visit is to find out whether you could benefit from orthodontic treatment and if so when would be the best time to start.

When you arrive for your appointment our staff will make you welcome and ask you to complete a New Patient Questionnaire, if you have not already done so online. You will then meet your orthodontist who will talk with you about your concerns and expectations. The consultant will then examine your face, jaws and teeth, as well as assessing how all these structures fit together.

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If no treatment is needed at this time, but maybe required in the future, we will take photographs of your face and mouth and arrange a review visit for a later date. Review visits will be at no extra charge and you will normally receive a reminder before the appointment is due.

If the examination suggests that treatment should commence soon, your orthodontist will arrange for photos and impressions for models to be taken and refer you for x-rays.  These records will aid the detailed diagnosis of your individual needs and allow for the preparation of your personalised treatment plan.  This initial visit is usually 30 minutes in duration.

Your orthodontist will discuss any cosmetic and functional benefits from orthodontics and the ideal timing and duration of care.  Treatment alternatives can be explored at this time. Payment options can also be explained.

If treatment is more complicated, a second consultation may be scheduled to allow your orthodontist time to examine and analyse your records, as well as to give you time to consider your alternatives.

Successful orthodontics is a team effort. That is why we work with you to ensure that you understand each part of the treatment. We are always available to answer your questions and keep you updated on treatment progress.