It’s natural to want your child to have a beautiful smile as soon as possible, although sometimes it is more practical to wait for growth and for most adult teeth to erupt. There is no definitive ‘best’ age to undergo orthodontic treatment, it varies from child to child, and it depends on the issue that’s being treated. An early assessment will help you identify a good time to undertake treatment.  

Dr Vickers, one of our registered specialist orthodontists at North Shore Orthodontics, further explains: ‘Most children will not start treatment until 12-15 years of age however we recommend a first orthodontic evaluation for children between 7-9 years of age.  The majority will have a mix of adult and baby teeth by this age which will help determine if there are any developing problems such as misalignment of the jaws, crowding, or overbite issues. Some children benefit greatly from early intervention as we can take advantage of natural growth or prevent damage occurring. Wearing certain appliances may reduce a child’s time in braces later and may also make treatment more effective. Early assessment is the key.’

Free Review Program

‘Another advantage of screening your child early is that they will be placed in our free review program,’ Dr Vickers explains. ‘After their initial assessment, we like to see children annually for a quick check up so that we can make sure their orthodontic treatment starts at the best possible time for them by monitoring their growth and development. We do not charge for these review visits which is great news for families.’   

Modern Braces

Advanced technology and materials are used in modern braces and work more efficiently than in the past; they are much smaller and more comfortable than ever before. You’ll often see braces jazzed up with colourful elastic modules to make them fun and fashionable for kids. Older teens and adults today are more aesthetically aware and many are asking for ceramic braces, lingual braces or clear aligners to straighten their teeth.

Braces for Adults

More adults are wearing braces because of the aesthetically pleasing options available today and these include invisible braces. Therefore, any age can be the best time to get braces if you want to improve your smile and bite.

Costs Involved

Orthodontic costs will vary depending on the treatment needed and will be explained and set before treatment commences. At North Shore Orthodontics we offer flexible payment plans to suit most budgets. If you have health insurance, you may also be entitled to claim a portion of the treatment cost back from your health fund.


Specialist orthodontists

Ultimately, only a specialist orthodontist can best determine when is the best time to get braces by completing a thorough assessment. You don’t need to wait for a dentist to refer your child to see our orthodontists – you can make an appointment at any time. Simply call North Shore Orthodontics on 9418 1660 to book your appointment, visit our Contact Us page or send an email to

We look forward to creating your beautiful, confident, healthy and straight smile.